Welcome to Women in Circle

Women In Circle visions is to help women throughout the world advancing in the kingdom of God. We aim to educate and minister to women of all background Single, Divorced, Married, Hurt, Abused, Rape, Broken, Strong, Love, Survived, Overcomer and much more.

Women In Circle exist with the mandate to encourage women throughout the nations to experience a well-balanced life while exploring their gifts and their natural abilities for great achievements. We vowed to serve, empower, and equip faith-based women with essential resources, strategies, and tools to help them. We are a Circle Built on Prayers, we will Fulfill this mission through Prayers.

Prophetess Ruddy Iador-

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Our core values

Live life together

Our mission is to empower and equip faith-based. God in this season wants to release His favors, and open doors of opportunity in a way that we really haven’t seen before.

Live life together

In This Circle God is asking us, in some ways, to increase our prayer life, our love for one another. He wants to prepare us for His Divine power, that is getting ready to manifest.

Love People

Our mission is to ensure that women are growing in their faith. Women teaching each other how to pray and encourage them to have a life of prayer.

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Our Sermons

Listen to our sermons, and if you like what you hear, join us.


Daily 6:00 p.m

Saturday 5:00 p.m

Sunday 7:00 p.m

Ichthys Church

1234 Eastern Central

Los Angeles, LA 1244

Pastor John usually keeps the

sermons, but when he is away

Father Robert, takes his place.

Pastor John usually keeps the

sermons, but when he is away

Father Robert, takes his place.

Our Vision

Our vision is to impact the nation, developing, and influencing those we assist the opportunity to become better both physically and spiritually.

We understand that our purpose is directly connected to the problems that we have been called to solve. Problems are divine opportunities to prosper. We refuse to complain when confronted with problems. Instead, we create solutions and celebrate the promotion that will inevitably result.

We will leave a legacy of faith. We will continually pursue a mission that requires big faith. To this end, our words and actions will  promote these faith-oriented goals.

We are a people of prayer. We are strategic because we are obedient; therefore we accomplish more by doing less.

We believe that the favor of God is directly connected to our obedience, character, honesty, and transparency. We strive to maintain Christian ethics that reflect the culture of the Kingdom of God and the personality of our Creator as described in the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23.



We do not remember days, we remember moments.


Sunday school


Send us your prayer requests or general inquiries. We’d love to hear from you.